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For CAMA Regular Members:

Register your municipality today to post your RFPs, Bids & Tenders for free – plus have access to muniSERV’s full suite of municipal tools and resources – most of which are free. Click here for more details on these available tools and resources.   

muniSERV also offers other services for all sizes of municipalities and together we are pleased to offer special savings and discounts for CAMA members on the following programs:

Digital Solutions & Certifications For Today’s Fast-Paced Environments!

New  PERFORM® Leadership Soft Skills Training 

PERFORM® Leadership Soft Skills is used by governments, educational institutions, private enterprise and organizations world-wide to identify leadership soft skills gaps and deliver real-life competency-based digital courses which can be taken individually or as programs targeted to three (3) key performance areas; Self, Manager & Leader.  

Start by having your team take our free leadership assessments to identify any leadership soft skills gaps, and we’ll recommend a solution targeted to key leadership development areas for your individual team members.  This makes it easy for municipalities to develop their leaders, managers and individuals for maximum benefit to both the individual and your municipality – effectively and easily. Learn more

Professional Certifications

Internationally accredited professional certifications delivered digitally ensure your people have real certifications supporting your municipality and your investment in training.

muniLEARN offers dynamic, interactive and internationally accredited online courses in Project Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Risk Management, Service Management and more… Learn more

*Our provider is an approved Ontario Vendor of Record in Learning & Training #OSS-00536904.

Our Learning Partners – Don’t forget to check out our six exclusive Learning Partners too, offering a wide variety of unique HR products and services.

Special CAMA Member Discounts on muniLEARN digital training:

  • CAMA Members receive special Learner Volume and other discounts on PERFORM® Leadership Soft Skills courses 
  • $100 off Professional Certification courses
  • Special Pooling of Courses in the Regular Course Catalog Content Marketplace (CAMA members can pool learning content purchases to achieve course purchase discounts that some smaller municipalities would not normally be able to acquire on their own)

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Start Simplifying Municipal Recruitment Today!

muniJOBS was developed for municipalities, by municipalities and is Canada’s only interactive recruitment and career platform with a 100% municipal focus!

When you post job ads with muniJOBS, you save money and reach thousands of experienced municipal professionals and municipal candidates across Canada!

Easy to Use!
To post jobs, simply email your Word or pdf job postings to us.

Posting rates for all jobs - including executive positions - are*$49.95 or less. For the lowest price, pick the payment package that works best for your municipality. (*taxes extra)

Make muniJOBS part of your succession-planning strategy to attract and recruit the next generation of leaders?

Special Offer for CAMA Members

Registration is free, but as a CAMA member we’ll set up your Municipal Employer profile for you to get you started.  Then, you can post your first job for free. Use coupon code "munijobsCAMA" at checkout. Start Today!

For Retired/Transitioned Members

Join the CAO Job Seekers database to be found for interim or full time CAO work.  

Special Discounts for Retired/Transitioned Members

  • CAMA Members receive a discount off their CAO Job Seeker profile - $100/year (reg. $130/year) or $9.95/m (reg. $12.95/m)
  • CAO job seekers can choose to select a CAMA icon to add to your profile at no additional cost. The icon immediately identifies that you are a CAMA member and that you have fulfilled a senior municipal government role.
  • Consultant/CAO Bundle - If you offer consulting services plus you want to be found for CAO roles, CAMA members receive a bundled discount to appear in both the Find a Consultant and the Find a CAO searches. The CAMA member bundled price is $250/year (reg. $385/year)

*To receive the CAMA benefits, the CAO Job Seeker must be an CAMA member in good standing.

For CAMA Affiliate Members, Sponsors and/or Partners 

We haven’t forgotten about our valued Affiliate members, Sponsors and Partners.

The muniSERV platform offers you an opportunity to focus your marketing and directly reach your target market - municipal decision-makers, all in one convenient location.  Click here to see our brochure outlining the benefits of being a muniSERV member.

Special Discounts for CAMA Affiliates, Sponsors and Partners

  • Join as a professional member and get your annual profile which includes numerous marketing opportunities for the CAMA discounted price of $190/year (reg. $219/year) 
  • As an annual member receive your BONUS free rotating ad for your first 30-days ($120 value)
  • CAMA has also negotiated an additional 10% discount off the prices in muniSERV’s Media Kit, for any size ad on muniSERV or muniJOBS. 
  • Special Learner Volume and other discounts on muniLEARN products:
    • PERFORM® Leadership Soft Skills courses 
    • $100 off Professional Certification courses

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*You must be a current CAMA Affiliate Member, Sponsor and/or Partner in good standing to receive the discounted Consultant's profile, muniLEARN discounts or advertising opportunities.

Building better municipalities together.

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