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muniSERV is Canada's leading online platform to Connect Municipalities and the Businesses that Serve Them.

muniSERV helps municipalities by making it easy for them to find the right professionals quickly and easily.  

CAMA is dedicated to finding and delivering additional services for our members.  We have partnered with to collaborate on the delivery of a number of online resources and tools for members – most of which are free.

Here’s how CAMA members benefit from this muniSERV partnership:

For Municipalities: Quickly & Easily Find the Municipal Experts & Services You Need!  Search our supplier database for the service you need and then send the providers your RFPs, Bids & Tenders, RFQs, expressions of interest, etc.  You’ll learn about new innovations and other available servicing options – plus get more responses and ultimately receive more competitive quotes.

Watch this video for a quick overview of how muniSERV can benefit you and learn more about muniSERV’s full suite of tools and resources for municipalities.



As a CAMA Regular Member, what's in it for my municipality?

Free Resources & Tools:

  • Find Municipal Consultants for your projects, particularly good for those projects that fall below RFP thresholds. New professionals from across Canada join almost daily so check back often.
  • Post RFPs, Bids & Tenders, RFQs, EOIs, etc. for expanded circulation to get multiple competitive quotes
  • Find Municipal Services - search and quickly find focused municipal services by category 
  • Find a CAO - fill interim or long-term vacancies – this database is a work in progress so spread the word to colleagues and check back often 
  • Events - Advertise your community events to a wider national audience
  • Subscribe to our free periodic Newsletters with Free Webinars, new professional members, articles of interest to municipalities and more..
  • Read and publish municipal articles to share with peers on the muniBLOG

New and innovative municipal platforms and services and services for municipalities, are constantly being developed by muniSERV and CAMA members get special discounts - so be sure to check the site often!



For Retired and Transitioned CAMA Members: Share your knowledge and expertise with municipalities and be found for career opportunities in the CAO Job Seeker database!

Register and set up a profile in the CAO Job Seeker database to showcase your expertise and interests and be found for interim, full time or contract CAO work.

Special Discounts for CAMA Retired/Transitioned Members

  • CAMA Retired/Transitioned members receive a discount off their CAO Job Seeker profile - $100/year (reg. $130/year) or $9.95/m (reg. $12.95/m)
  • CAO job seekers can choose to select a CAMA icon to add to your profile at no additional cost. The icon immediately identifies that you are a CAMA member and that you have fulfilled a senior municipal government role.
  • Consultant/CAO Bundle - If you offer consulting services plus you want to be found for CAO roles, CAMA members receive a bundled discount to appear in both the Find a Consultant and the Find a CAO searches. The CAMA member bundled price is $250/year (reg. non-member $349/year)

*To receive the CAMA benefits, the CAO Job Seeker must be an CAMA member in good standing.



For CAMA Affiliate Members, Sponsors and Partners:  Here’s your opportunity to focus your marketing on a single online platform that reaches your target market – Canadian municipalities – Plus get advertising discounts as a thank you for your continued support of CAMA!

Special Discounts for CAMA Affiliates, Sponsors and Partners

  • Register as a muniSERV professional member and get your annual profile which includes numerous marketing opportunities for the CAMA discounted price of $190/year (reg. $219/year) 
  • As an annual member receive your BONUS free rotating ad for your first 30-days ($120 value)
  • CAMA has also negotiated an additional 10% discount off the prices in muniSERV’s Media Kit, for any size ad on muniSERV.
  • Special Learner Volume and other discounts on muniLEARN products

Contact Us! Email: or 855.477.5095

*You must be a current CAMA Affiliate Member, Sponsor and/or Partner in good standing to receive the discounted Consultant's profile, muniLEARN discounts or advertising opportunities.







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