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Being a Chief Administrative Officer is an important leadership role in your community.  CAMA is pleased to provide several toolkits that have been created to support the professional development needs of CAOs and senior managers.  The more effective the CAO, the more effective the organization, Council, and the community.  Enjoy all of your toolkits...all in one place.  

The CAO Employment Contract, Human Resources, The Right Questions to Ask, Members in Transition, Leadership Guide to Effective CAO-Council Relations, and Crisis Management are available to members only and can be found in CAMA's Member's Section.  The CAO Performance Evaluation, Council Orientation, Political Acumen, Toolkit for the Effective Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer are for public use.  

The Role and Significance of the Chief Administrative Officer Position in Canadian Municipal Government:  A CAMA “White Paper” on Ontario’s Strong Mayor Legislation and the Pivotal Role of the CAO in Providing Good Governance can be found here.


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Asking the Right Questions

Members in Transition Toolkit

Performance Evaluation Toolkit

Council Orientation Toolkit

POlitical Acumen

Leadership Guide to Effective CAO-Council Relations

Executive Assistant ToolkitCrisis Management Toolkit

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