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Strategic Plan



“The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) is recognized as the premiere national Canadian organization representing municipal administrators”.

Goal #1:  To be the national membership of choice for Chief Administrative Officers and senior managers across Canada by providing networking opportunities and relevant services related to their local government profession.

Goal #2:  To provide innovative professional development and learning opportunities that enhance members' leadership skills and competencies and support them to achieve good local government management with Council, staff and citizens.

Goal #3:  To provide municipal administrators with information, leadership tools, and networks to build their leadership resilience, foster productive relationships with Councils, and encourage the next generation of leaders.

Goal #4:  To continue to build strategic relationships with key stakeholders to create excellence in municipal governance.

Goal #5:  To strengthen CAMA's sustainability, leadership, capacity, and infrastructure.



“To champion excellence in municipal administration and develop resilient leadership through professional development, networking, partnerships, and advocacy.”



Promoting an ethical culture is a key leadership responsibility in local government.  CAMA members value accountability and professional integrity, collaboration, transparency and honesty, innovation and excellence and diversity and inclusivity.



Accountability and Professional Integrity

Members of the Canadian Association of Municipal administrators (CAMA) are dedicated to    the highest standards of professionalism in all public and personal relationships. We work hard to earn the respect and confidence of our elected officials, employees, the public and other stakeholders. We

strive to improve our professional standards every day and support the development of strong, positive values within our workforce. We take responsibility for outcomes within our municipalities and conduct ourselves with integrity at all times.



We recognize that the chief function of local government is to serve the best interest of our communities, provide excellent public service, and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.  We also respect each other and commit to work together, sharing knowledge and resources, in partnership towards a common goal.


Transparency and Honesty

We build open and honest relationships with communication and are ethical in all interactions, maintaining principled standards modeling the conduct that we would like to see in others.  We are objective and independent from personal considerations when undertaking all professional duties.  As well, we ensure that information provided to the public and elected representatives is factual and impartial.


Innovation and Excellence

We commit to innovation and excellence in local government by implementing new processes and organizational change.  We also endeavour to create an environment/culture that embraces positive change, creativity and continuous improvement.


Diversity and Inclusivity

We respect and value diversity, creating and leading an environment throughout the organization that is inclusive of all, and one in which everyone demonstrates value and delivers on their responsibilities.  We commit to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, caring and equality.



CAMA has identified the following five pillars and objectives for our Strategic Plan for the period 2022-2027 that will continue to be the focus for the Association’s future programs:

Member Engagement and Support

  • Increase the membership by attracting and retaining a diversity of members from large, small and remote municipalities from across Canada.
  • Deliver relevant member services and networking opportunities to engage and connect members through meaningful and personal outreach.

Professional Development

  • Continue to make the Annual Conference the premiere national professional development opportunity for CAOs and senior managers.
  • Provide members with leading-edge trends, tools and best practices for local government management through up to three week-long professional development forums for CAOs per year.
  • Develop and promote toolkits and other meaningful resources to support CAOs and senior managers to develop their knowledge, competencies, and leadership.

Resilient Leadership

  • Promote strategies an provide resources and tools that build resilient, adaptable and sustainable leadership that manages complex and challenging situations.
  • Undertake succession strategies that promote and encourage the municipal CAO profession to the next generation.
  • Foster a professional, respectful relationship between municipal administrators and Councils.

Strategic Relationships

  • To maximize and leverage those partners and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

A Strong and Sustainable Organization

  • To ensure CAMA has the most effective human resources and organizational structure to ensure continuity of quality services and operations.
  • To build the long-term financial sustainability and impact of CAMA through creative non-dues revenue and partnerships (outside membership revenue) so that CAMA's membership accesses networking, professional development opportunities, resources, and best practices that enhance their proficiency in municipal leadership and management.
  • To continue to ensure that CAMA has the infrastructure, systems and policies to provide efficient operations in a changing environment.

Initiatives, projects and performance metrics have been identified for these pillars, which are expected to be completed by 2027.



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