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CAMA is pleased to offer a number of professional development opportunities and programs to its members.

Our partnership with the ICMA University offers CAMA members access to ICMA University’s Online Learning Portal offering a wide variety of webinars that you can take advantage of without leaving your office!  Also, the ICMA Coaching Program will provide you with key services to thrive in local government and help you and your employees gain insights and explore best practices.

We are also very pleased to have a partnership with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with their International Programs connecting municipal professionals in Canada with emerging countries around the world in an effort to provide technical assistance.  Watch for opportunities for short, medium, and long term assignments.  You may also wish to become involved in FCM's First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI). 

Our newest partnership with provides CAMA members with free access to numerous municipal resources and services, all in one convenient location -  plus we have negotiated on your behalf, a number of special discounts for CAMA members, Affiliates, Sponsors & Partners, on the various paid services muniSERV offers. See more.

Also, being the Chief Administrative Officer in a Canadian municipality can be very lonely at times.  Your CAMA colleagues are here to mentor you and to provide you with a good sounding board when you need a supportive ear.

Building better municipalities together.

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