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Municipal Resilience Toolkit: Strategies for Crisis Management


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Crisis Management ToolkitThe “Municipal Resilience Toolkit: Strategies for Crisis Management” is a comprehensive resource designed to empower municipalities in effectively managing crises.  Available to members by visiting the Member’s Section (Toolkit Section). 

This toolkit serves as a cornerstone for Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), Council members, and senior administration in municipalities.   By focusing on proactive crisis management, it underscores the significance of collaboration and coordination among municipal departments, emergency services, non-profits, and community organizations.  In today’s ever-changing landscape, it also demonstrates CAMA’s commitment to equipping municipal leaders with the tools necessary to safeguard their communities.

Key highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Crisis Coverage:   Addressing a wide array of crises beyond natural disasters, such as economic downturns, communication breakdowns, social unrest, misconduct, and data breaches, ensuring municipalities are prepared for any challenge.
  • Stages of Municipal Crisis Management:  Providing a step-by-step approach from prevention and mitigation to recovery and learning, guiding municipalities through the development of a robust crisis management program tailored to their needs.
  • Effective Crisis Communication:    Stressing the importance of timely and transparent communication, the toolkit assists municipalities in crafting crisis communication plans and utilizing various communication methods to disseminate critical information.
  • Canadian Context:  Canadian examples have been used throughout this resource to provide local relevance, with links to further resources for deeper exploration of specific topics.
  • Practical Checklists: Each chapter concludes with actionable checklists for readers to compare with their internal processes, facilitating the implementation of the toolkit's principles.

Watch for Provincial and Territorial legislative requirements that are also noted throughout the Toolkit.

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