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Making Life Happen Toolkit



Local Government Making Life Happen Every Day

CAMA's “Making Life Happen” website and toolkit to attract the next generation of leaders to local government was created in partnership with six of our Provincial Association partners with a mandate of raising awareness of local government with a specific focus encouraging younger Canadians to consider a municipal career.

The next time you or your staff are asked to speak to local community groups or businesses, explain local government and the role of the CAO, or talk to students about municipal government careers, “Making Life Happen” will give you the building blocks for a memorable presentation.  Tailor a message from your own municipality using the elements and main messages we have created, including a powerpoint presentation with speaking notes and handouts.  We are also pleased to have a bilingual website for this campaign:   

This initiative has been a Canada wide Association effort with six of our Provincial Association partners: Ontario Municipal Administrators Association, Local Government Administrators of Alberta, Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick, Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators Association, Local Government Managers Association of British Columbia, and the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario. 

The key messages of “Making Life Happen” were built on qualitative and quantitative research. You can view the executive summary of the Insights West research or the full report.  This report has some interesting insights which you may wish to pass along to your Human Resources Department’s when recruiting your own employees.

We hope that you and your staff will use these resources to help us promote such a gratifying career to our next generation leaders.

Follow this link to find the following documents.  Please note that all promotional materials are print ready and are provided to you in separate English and French documents.

Promotional Postcards

There are five front options for you to choose from:

  • Are you a Change-Maker?
  • Are you a Transformer?
  • Are you a Connector?
  • Are you a Community Builder?
  • Are you a Social Entrepreneur?

The back of the postcard includes information on local government and the diverse fields that one can choose from.  There is also space to include your municipality’s logo if you wish.

Also included are some instructions to provide to the printer.

Powerpoint Presentation

Instructions:  This document provides some instructions on editing slides, font styles, removing and adding slides, inserting new formatted slides, changing an image, changing the timing of the word cloud, and disabling the animations.

Powerpoint Presentation:  There are speaking points included in the “Notes” section of the Powerpoint presentation that you can edit.

Speaking Notes:  Also provided to you are the same speaking points in the “Notes” section in a word document that you can also edit.

Logo Instruction Sheet

This document provides different styles of the Making Life Happen logo outlining the colors, fonts and any other information that your printer or graphic designer requires when customizing your promotional materials. 

There is also a zipped file including all of the logo options in different resolutions.

Bilingual Website

This website contains information on the following topics:

  • The Day in the Life of a local government professional.
  • Testimonials from local government professionals.
  • Job searching tips to jumpstart your local government career.
  • The option to ask a question about local government.

Building better municipalities together.

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