Excellence in Municipal Administration.  Each year CAMA recognizes the value of excellence and professionalism in municipal administration through the Annual Awards Program in three areas of Program Excellence.  Awards are presented to local governments and their chief administrators in recognition of their creative and successful programs, projects or services.


The Annual Awards Program has been designed to encourage excellence in the art of professional municipal administration.  The Program Excellence Awards recognize the achievements of local governments and their chief administrators in the development and implementation of successful programs, projects or services. Success stories are circulated widely to provide CAMA members and other local government managers with new ideas that may prove useful for implementation in their milieu.

Form of Awards

Program Excellence Awards’ recipients receive a plaque at the Annual Awards Program Luncheon held during CAMA’s Annual Conference. Press releases are prepared by the CAMA National Office for all award winning submissions and circulated to the local media.  The CAMA Board member closest to the successful community will also arrange to attend a Council meeting to make the award presentation to the Mayor and Municipal Councillors. Award winners will also be asked to submit a high resolution logo and fifteen to twenty photos of the project to be included in a video that will be shown at the Awards of Excellence luncheon taking place on June 3rd, 2020 at the 2020 CAMA Conference being held at the Deerhurst Resort in Ontario.

Awards Evaluation Committee

The Awards Evaluation Committee evaluates the nominations submitted to CAMA’s Annual Awards Program and selects the recipients of the Program Excellence Awards.  Each year the Board names a new Chair and strives to ensure that the rotation of the Chair reflects the various regions of Canada. The Chair is responsible for recruiting between three and five additional committee members with an interest in excellence in municipal administration.  Committee members may be current or past members of CAMA.  This year's Chair is Tony Kulbisky, CAMA Board Representative for Alberta.


Because Canada has a unique mixture of small and large communities, awards are granted according to population in three categories: for municipalities with a population under 20,000, for municipalities with a population between 20,001 and 100,000, and for those over 100,000.

Three awards are granted in each of the following categories of professional development, environment and innovation for a total of nine awards.

Professional Development Award

The Professional Development Award recognizes a community that has developed a unique and innovative program for their staff and can be replicated in other communities. Applicants should include documentation which outlines the program in all respects, and also shows evidence that the program has been successfully implemented.

Environment Award

The Environment Award recognizes the commitment of a municipality to environmentally sustainable governance, to protecting the environment and to combating climate change.  Awards are granted to programs, projects or services that have made a significant and positive impact on the environment.

Willis Award for Innovation

The Willis Award for Innovation, awarded in recognition of Jack Willis for his contribution to the CAMA, is presented for programs, projects or services that demonstrate exceptional innovation or meritorious initiative.

Evaluation Considerations for all three awards categories:

Nominators for the awards may wish to take into account the following evaluation criteria (used by the Evaluation Committee) when making a submission:

  • the extent that the program, project or service involves innovation, creativity and exemplifies a significant change;
  • its impact on the profession of municipal administration;
  • the potential a program, project or service possesses to enhance the practices of administrators elsewhere and the degree of their transferability to other local governments;
  • the impact of the program, project or service  on the municipality and on the organization even if the innovation itself was not new to the profession;
  • the sustainability of the results, their long lasting, positive, measurable effects on the success of the organization or milieu.

CAMA is not obligated to choose a winner in each category.


Awards Eligibility

All municipalities with staff members who hold a membership in CAMA during the year in which the municipality’s program, project or service are nominated are eligible for consideration for the Program Excellence Awards.

Please note that it is possible to submit several nominations of different projects to the same category; however a nomination form must be completed for each with the appropriate fee being charged per application.

Awards Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by: CAMA Members or Mayors of member municipalities.

The nomination process for the 2021 CAMA Awards will be launched in January 2021.


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