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ICMA Coaching Program

CAMA is pleased to be a partner of the ICMA Coaching Program which provides key services to thrive in local government.   See how these services can help you and your employees gain insights and explore best practices.  Also, tap in to the new 1-1 Coaching and Talent Development resources to be a great coach and a winning player.

The ICMA Coaching Program delivers the following suite of services to help you grow and enjoy your career:

  • Six live webinars per year spotlighting best practices on key topics from local government professionals throughout the U.S. – invite your whole team to participate.
  • Digital agendas and archives with video recordings and extensive presentation materials and examples from dozens of sessions available in a convenient online library –delivering you “professional development in a box” -0 when you want it and where you want it.
  • 1-1 Coaching resources to provide personalized support.
  • Talent Development resources to make greater use of your talent and have fun doing it.
  • Speed Coaching session at the ICMA Annual Conference and templates for use at local level – expand your networks.
  • Career stories of ICMA leaders and rising stars offering career insights and tips.
  • Career Compass newsletters that address critical career issues.

Visit this link for more details. 


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