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Member Discussion Forum

CAMA believes that one of the key benefits of belonging to our Association is the networking opportunities, and a big part of that is sharing our knowledge with one another in dealing with difficult issues or problems.  In the past we offered a Mentorship Forum and now we would like to take it one step further and replace the Mentorship Forum with a new initiative called the CAMA Member Discussion Forum.  This initiative is in partnership with CivicInfo BC.  This forum offers a personalized platform for CAMA members to privately join exclusive conversations across the country and message colleagues on different topics.  It’s a forum for municipal senior managers to talk about local government, whether its to get updates about the latest news and innovations, network with other members and perhaps even express your greatest concerns facing our communities today.  On this Forum, you can post messages that others can view and reply to.

To register for the CAMA Discussion Forum visit this link and click "Need to Register" in the lower right corner.

Member Discussion Forum

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