Refer a Member!

The second and each additional member from every individual municipality can join CAMA for only $135.00!

Ask any CAMA member what the most important benefit of membership is, and you will hear an answer that mentions networking, peer interaction and knowledge sharing.  By keeping our membership growing with young talent, we improve these benefits for everyone!


Simply refer a friend, colleague or acquaintance who works in the municipal government field and encourage them to fill out the online membership application.  Additionally, as a CAMA member you can also become an International City/County Managers Association (ICMA) member for only $135.00 US.  ICMA also has great online resources for municipal administrators from communities of all sizes.
As a special offer new members will receive 50% off our already great value membership fees for the first year.

So, consider who in your organization is ready for leadership development, as well as neighbouring local government leaders who would benefit from access to CAMA`s resources.

We look forward to welcoming your colleagues to our great organization.