BoxOfDocs is an online platform that takes the frustration out of municipal research. Stop wasting time and effort trying to locate best practices from your peers. The BoxOfDocs library holds thousands of documents with capabilities to search, filter and locate exactly what you're looking for in seconds.

CAMA has partnered with BoxOfDocs to provide members with access to this one-of-a-kind tool at a discounted price:

10% off monthly subscription

15% off annual subscription


  • Thousands of best practices kept current by BoxOfDocs team
  • The most efficient way to search and locate the latest documents from your peers
  • An innovative tool for your staff to keep on top of industry best practices
  • Free trials available
  • Demo's and user training provided by the BocOfDocs team
  • Faster & easier research
  • See what your peers are doing; policies, practices, bylaws, RFP's, job descriptions, and more!


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